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Òc per l’occitan

The Oc per l’occitan label was launched by the Ofici per l’Occitan in partnership with the Institute for Occitan Studies.
It promotes the use of Occitan in economic life : shopkeepers, artisans, farmers, associations, professions, tourist offices,…

Asking for the label means advertising a specific identity.
It means showing one’s love for the Occitan language and the desire to promote its socialisation.
In the case of a business or an organization, obtaining the Oc per l’occitan label means accessing a network of consumers in demand of services in Occitan, products advertising the language.
It means reaching a new audience, even beyond the borders, by making exchanges with other Romance-speaking countries (Spain, Portugal,…) easier.

The label charter

If every label holder undertakes to promote the Occitan language and the label, he then chooses how he will use the language, depending on his own skills.

There are three different levels to the label :

label1Level 1 : We do like Occitan here

You will find written Occitan in there and the person you will talk to might understand Occitan.


Level 2 : We speak Occitan here

If you can see one or more examples of the written language, you are sure to find at least one fluent speaker that can help you in Occitan.

label3Level 3 : Occitan is everywhere here

Occitan is the first means of written or oral communication, in internal or external exchanges.

Services included in the label

The Oc per l’occitan label team sees to the promotion of the label and its holders thanks to  specific means of communication : a website, a paper directory, promotion through cultural or touristic events,…

→ Consult the list of included services

How to get the label

You have to get involved in a few actions during the labelling year.

Some of them may be compulsory according to the chosen level : staff briefing on Occitan, information about the Oc per l’occitan label, public visibility of the label, promotion of the directory of label-holders.

Others are optional and everyone can choose those that suit them best : bilingual message on the answerphone, products labelled in Occitan, oral and written adverts in Occitan, bilingual notepaper, bilingual basic communication, shop-sign in Occitan, bilingual website, language training of the new staff.

To apply, you’ll have to sign a convention between the Ofici per l’Occitan and the labellised body, mentioning your commitments to promote the Occitan language.

→ How to be labellised

Oc per l’occitan also applies to local authorities

In 2010, the I.E.O. set up an Oc per l’occitan certification intended for local authorities that promote the development of Occitan.

Specifications include 52 actions heading in 3 directions :

There are three levels of certification, matching different degrees of commitment :


Level 1 :

5 achievements


Level 2 :

10 achievements


Level 3 :

15 achievements

→ Consult the list of services offered to labellised local authorities

→ How to get labellised

Occitan network directory


You speak Occitan, you’re learning it, but it’s sometimes difficult to practice it. Here is a guide that will show you where to shop in Occitan.
Choose to go to the people listed in this directory and you’ll contribute to the development of an Occitan economy, in Occitan.
Not long ago, Occitan was commonly spoken on the streets. It isn’t so today. When you go shopping in Occitan, you help revive the everyday use of Occitan.
Please, do speak Occitan everywhere and at any time!

In Limousin

→ Who are the label holders in Limousin ?

The Limousin Institute for Occitan Studies is a regional intermediary for the Oc per l’occitan network : do contact us to apply for the label, or simply for more information.