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Advice on bilingual roadsigns

In all regions with a strong identity (Brittany, Corsica, the Basque country, Occitan regions) the setting up of bilingual roadsigns has been developing for a few years.

The Limousin, in northern Occitania, has everything to gain from a clear assertion of its cultural characteristics.

The I.E.O. in Limousin can help and advise you on any project of bilingual roadsign setting up.

« Bilingual roadsigns in practise »

To set up bilingual entry or exit roadsigns for villages and towns, don’t hesitate to consult the online document.


« French-Occitan bilingual signage in your commune »

This brochure, made by the national I.E.O. tells you how to proceed to go further : street signs, directional signs,…


Going further

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Photos : Xavier Lansade