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Adult classes, training courses, workshops

Learning the language

You can learn or go back to Occitan at any age !

The Limousin I.E.O., in partnership with communes, tourist offices and other bodies offers several evening classes in the region.

Other associations (La Sendarela lemosina,…) and individuals offer Occitan teaching in Limousin.

You will find the whole set of classes, workshops and training sessions available in Occitany on the website


Aprenem l’occitan – 2010-2011 campaign

« Aprenem l’occitan ! l’occitan je m’y mets » is an advertising campaign on adult classes run jointly by the Institute for Occitan Studies, the Occitan Language and Culture Teaching Centre and the Occitan Summer School.

→ Classes, workshops and training sessions in Limousin

Occitan singing courses

The Limousin I.E.O. has been organizing one to two singing courses every year since 2006.

From 2006 to 2011, we’ve been organizing « Chantar e dançar lemosin », the Limousin week, in partnership with the Traditional Music Section of the Limoges Conservatoire and the Trad’bande.
This January theme week included an Occitan singing session with Jan dau Melhau, a Limousin dancing session with Françoise Étay and a lecture.
Since 2012, the formula does not exist any more but the Occitan singing session is continuing with a different course leader each year.

→ Where to sing in occitan in Limousin


Jan dau Melhau