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Shows and cultural events on offer

The Limousin I.E.O. is now a major cultural operator in Limousin.
Thanks to its knowledge of the artistic and cultural 0ccitan circles, the Limousin historic and linguistic heritage and ressource persons, our association can answer all your demands for the organization of the following events : story-telling evenings/walks, dances, concerts, lectures/chats, exhibitions, films, theatre, readings, courses…

Feel free to contact and tell us your needs.

Event organiser

As event organizers, we can take care of the administrative and financial procedures concerning artists and other contributors (contracts, notifications, wages) if you wish.
Show producer license : 2-1058773
Arts promoter license : 3-1058782

Specific support to artistic creation in Limousin

The Limousin I.E.O. has taken upon itself to accompany and promote Occitan-speaking artists in Limousin by :

  • the organization of events ;
  • the creation of record and audiovisual aids ;
  • the promotion of events ;
  • communication ;
  • administrative and financial management.

Our artists and other Limousin contributors

→ Jan Alambre : concerts
→ Benedicta Bonet : readings
→ Monica Burg : story-telling evenings, readings
→ Micheu Chapduelh : story-telling evenings, lectures/chats
→ Bernat Combi : concerts, readings, theatre
→ Combi-Peirat duo : concerts
→ Combi-Quenehen duo : concerts
→ Combi-Quenehen-Palis trio : concerts
→ Companhiá Léonie tricote : young people’s show
→ Erms : concerts
→ Françoise Étay : lectures, dancing courses
→ Marie-France Houdart : lectures
→ Jan-Glaudi Jarric : story-telling evenings
→ Joan-Peire Lacomba : lectures/chats, story-telling evenings, photo exhibitions
→ Los d’a Roier : dances
→ Lunh de Pili : concerts
→ Jan dau Melhau : lectures/chats, story-telling evenings, readings, concerts
→ Parar lo lop : theatre
→ Olivier Peirat : concerts
→ Jan-Marc Simeonin : engraving/drawing exhibitions
→ Peirat-Delaunay-Gallet trio : concerts, dances
→ Jan-Francés Vinhau : chats, story-telling evenings/walks, walks with commentary

The list and its introductions aren’t yet complete, so please, don’t worry about someone or something missing.