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We may have forgotten friends in the links below. We ask them not to take it badly, but rather make themselves known so that we can make up for this oversight.

Limousin associations dealing with Occitan

→ Arri!: action group of young Limoges occitanists
→ Calandreta lemosina : an Occitan-medium school in Limoges
→ Carrefour Ventadour : association for the promotion of the Ventadour castle in Egletons (19)
→ Lo Felibrige : association for the safeguard and the promotion of the Langue d’Oc and culture
→ La Sendarela lemosina in Saint Auvent (87)

Local autorities and Occitan in Limousin

→ The Limousin Region votes yes to the Interregional and cross-border Charter for the development of the Occitan language (25/11/11)
→ Millevaches in Limousin Regional Nature Park
→ Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park

Limousin shops, associations and occitan

We do like Occitan here

→ Corrèze Gourmandises SARL : bakery in Corrèze (19)
→ CRIL (LGM Production) : clothing brand and shop in Limoges (87)
→ La ferme des Nautas : local grower in Pigerolles (23)
→ La Ptite Occitanie : craftshop with regional products in Saint Junien (87)
→ Le Bistrot d’Olivier : restaurant in Limoges (87)
→ Les Amis de Perpezac-le-Blanc (19)
→ Les chalets du bord du lac : self-catering cottages in Neuvic (19)
→ Minoterie Farges in Bar (19)
→ Briance-Combade Tourist Office in Châteauneuf-la-Forêt (87)

Occitan spoken here

→ La troupe Bat-de-l’Aile : theatre company in Meuzac (87)
→ Lo Bistròt Lemosin : restaurant in Saint Junien (87)
→ Lo ’Talhier : carpenter/cabinet-maker’s shop in Saint Jean-Ligoure (87)
→ Lo Cuòu negre : Occitan clothing and accessories in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche (87)

Occitan is everywhere round here

→ Librariá occitana in Limoges (87)
→ Tres per doS : Limousin dance band

Occitan events in Limousin

→ Culture in Limousin, Occitan culture heading : the Occitan calendar in Limousin
→ Mustradamus : traditional music and dance in Limousin, and Limousin groups performing outside Limousin
→ The Limousin Regional Center for Traditional Music event calendar

Limousin music and dances

→ Limousin songs : plenty of songs, music and words, tales, texts… to be read and listened to
→ Musicas : Yvon Balez’ blog
→ L’e-music box : a list of the Limousin music groups, listening option available
→ Traditional music section of the Limoges Conservatoire
→ Cadanses Folk : traditional dance workshop, organisation of evenings, concerts, dances in Flavignac (87)
→ Regional Center for Traditional music in Limousin in Seilhac (19)
→ Ferdinand Bruno’s recordings on Gallica (1913) : e-library from the Bnf

→ Lunh de Pili
→ Erms
→ Eschantits
→ Musiqu’à deux
→ Tres per doS
→ Peirat-Delaunay-Gallet trio

Limousin literature

→ Limoges Multimedia French-speaking Library (BFM) : in the « Limousin and heritage » or « Art and literature » sections, you will find reading, listening and viewing material in Occitan (books, Cds, DVDs), search the online catalogue!
→ Limoges Multimedia French-speaking Library : hire the Marcela Delpastre exhibition set up by the BFM !
→ The Limousin multimedia library online (Biblim) : the Occitan collection
→ Machine à Feuilles N°14 – Occitan literature in Limousin : the magazine of the Regional Center for Books in Limousin (CRL)
→ Edicions dau chamin de sent Jaume : Jan dau Melhau in an interview with the CRL
→ Lemouzi : a regionalist and « felibréen » quarterly

Blogs you must read

→ Mescladis e còps de gula
→ Lo nhac lemosin

Learning Limousin Occitan

→ Aprenem l’occitan : where to find Occitan classes in Northern Occitania
→ Calandreta lemosina : an Occitan-medium school in Limoges
→ Parlam occitan dau Lemosin : to learn limousin Occitan on line
→ Occitan lessons for beginners
→ Jean-Pierre Reydy’s Occitan class
→ Oc si voletz l’aprener
→ Lo cafè en occitan (Arri!)
→ Lo lemosin per los beus (Calandreta lemosina-Arri!)
→ EOE – Occitan summer school : a 100% Occitan week

Bilingual roadsigns

→ Sinhalizacion bilingua : coma far ? : advice to communes who want to set up bilingual roadsigns
→ Bilingual French-Occitan roadsigns in a commune : a document from the Institute for Occitan Studies
→ : Limousin bilingual roadsigns latest news
→ Support bilingual roadsigns in Limousin on Facebook


→ Limousin médiéval : a fine work on Medieval Limousin heritage
→ La mémoire ponticaude et ses langues : collection work in the Limoges « quartier des Ponts »
→ Maïade editions : books about Limousin and Limousin people

→ Géoculture : Limousin as seen by artists
→ Languages, music and traditional dances in Massif Central : an interregional project for the promotion of oral heritage

The language

→ Thesoc : academic Occitan linguistics database in which you’ll find an online version of the Linguistic and Ethnographic Atlases made by the CNRS in the 70’s-80’s

Our neighbours

Occitan Charente

→ Lo « blòg » daus Occitans de Charanta e alentorns
→ Confolentés occitan
→ Vitrac (Vitrac Saint-Vincent – 16) : an Occitan village


→ Calandreta pergosina : l’escòla associativa bilingua occitana de Periguers
→ Novelum-IEO 24 : Périgord branch of the IEO
→ Dordogne-Périgord Cultural Agency : actions taken by the Dordogne department in favour of Occitan culture
→ Lo Bornat dau Perigòrd : the « félibrige » in Périgord
→ The Occitan Culture Workshop in Sarladais
→ Vinta-quatre : the clothing brand with the colours of Périgord
→ Rubrica en oc in the newspaper Sud Ouest
→ La Vita en Oc in the newspaper La Dordogne Libre
→ An interactive toponymic map of municipalities in Dordogne


→ The Institute for Occitan Studies in Cantal
→ L’Ostal del Libre : publication and distribution of Occitan books
→ Sirventès : an artistic development agency
→ The Institute for Occitan Studies in Puy de Dôme
→ : the Occitan language in Velay and north Velay-Vivarais


→ The Institute for Occitan Studies : our association at national level
→ IEO-IDECO : the I.E.O. publications, publication and distribution of Occitan books

→ CIRDOC – Inter-Regional Centre for the development of Occitan : Occitan multimedia library
→ Occitanica : the Occitan multimedia library online
→ La Fabrica : the web portal of Occitan creation

→ Ostal Joan Bodon : a place dedicated to the famous Occitan writer Joan Bodon

→ InÒc – Institut Occitan : Aquitaine operator for the Occitan language and culture

→ Estivada : interregional festival of the Occitan culture in Rodez (12)
→ Festival Convivéncia : a touring festival of world music in Languedoc, Midi-Pyrénées and Provence
→ Festen’òc in Haute-Ariège
→ Hèstiv’Òc : a festival of the music and cultures from the South in Pau (64)
→ Festival Occitània in Toulouse (31)

→ Paraulas en òc : the web portal of Occitan music

→ La Setmana : an weekly newspaper in Occitan

→ FELCO – Federation of Occitan Language and Culture teachers
→ CFPOC – Occitan language and culture Professional Training Centre
→ Confederation of Calandretas (Occitan-medium schools)
→ Òc-bi Interregionau : association for the promotion of French-Occitan bilingualism in state education

→ Macarel : Occitan products with the Occitan cross
→ Adishatz : Occitan clothing
→ Val pas res : Occitan clothing

→ Paginas occitanas : an Occitan culture directory
→ Òc per l’occitan : a label to promote the use of Occitan language in economic life

→ Servici de l’Emplec : jobs in Occitan
→ L’Occitan : des études…des métiers

→ Anem Òc ! Per la lenga occitana ! : website of the demonstration for the Occitan language on March, 31st 2012 in Toulouse

Local autorities get involved with Occitan

→ Région Aquitaine
→ Région Midi-Pyrénées

→ Département de la Dordogne
→ Département du Tarn
→ Département des Pyrénées Atlantiques

Lesser-Used Languages

→ Langues ré
→ Langues de France en chansons : recording offered by the « Hall de la chanson » and the « Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France »