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The bookshop

The Librariá occitana (Occitan bookshop) first opened in Limoges in 1984. It has been run by the Institute for Occitan Studies in Limousin (Institut d’Estudis Occitans dau Lemosin) since 2000.

A place where to find

  • Books : novels, books about history, ethnology, music, cooking, children’s books, books to learn the language… in Occitan, in French or bilingual ;
  • CDs : from the troubadours’ to nowadays’music, either traditional or rock, electro, ska music… ;
  • Films, clothes, plenty of gadgets (stickers, key-rings, flags,…) and Occitan-labelled products (for example Cerva d’Òc, beer made in Occitania).

An information center

The Librariá occitana is a place where to find information about and the beginning of an immersion in the Occitan language and culture thanks to all sorts of events such as exhibitions, evenings, book-signings. You are welcome !

To find us

Opening hours

  • Tuesday : 15h-19h
  • Wednesday : 10h-13h | 15h-19h
  • Thursday : 15h-19h
  • Friday : 10h-13h | 15h-19h
  • Saturday : 10h-13h | 15h-18h

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The online shop

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The Librariá occitana is a member of

  • The Association of craftsmen and shopkeepers in Haute-Vienne street ;
  • The Independent bookshops in Nouvelle-Aquitaine association.

lalibrairiepointcom The Librariá occitana is « point libraire ». You want to buy a book on-line ? Buy it on and come to fetch it at the Librariá occitana !