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Our aims

To achieve its aims, the Limousin I.E.O. works on five main lines or missions, on its own or in partnership with other associations or bodies.

Educational mission

Organising school activities and evening classes, contributing to training sessions, making of educational ressources.

→ School activities

→ Adult classes, training courses, workshops

→ Language Volunteering

Cultural mission

Organisation of music, song, story-telling shows, contribution to various public events (Spring of Poets, Music Day, Your Turn to Read, Rodez Estivada,…), support of Occitan-speaking Limousin artists, exhibitions, book publishing, CD and DVD release, management of the Limoges Libraria Occitana.


The storyteller Yves Durand in Uzerche for Coquelicontes festival (2011) 

→ Shows and cultural events on offer

→ Exhibitions

→ Our publications

→ The Librariá occitana

Research and preservation mission

Investigating into traditional knowledge (surveys in hospitals, retirement homes and private houses), going through archives, collecting oral tales and literature.

→ Occitan folklore collecting

→ La biaça

→ Contribution to an interregional project : « Cultural heritage and territorial identity – Traditional languages, musics and dances in the Massif Central »

Language socialisation mission

Advice to local government bodies for the promotion of their Occitan heritage (bilingual place names, specific festivals, activities…)


Ceremonies for the new Occitan roadsigns in Chabrignac / Eschabrinhac (19) in 2011

→ Translation, advice

→ Advice on bilingual roadsigns

→ Label Òc for the promotion of Occitan

Community-based activities

Circulation of news, regular setting up of cultural events in Uzerche or elsewhere in the region.

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